Pertronix Wiring Diagram

Pertronix Wiring Diagram. Web the pertronix unit needs a 12 volt power source. Connect the black ignitor wire directly to the ignition switch wire.

Pertronix Flamethrower Distributor Wiring
Pertronix Flamethrower Distributor Wiring from

You do not want to apply 12 volts to your non resistor coil or it could. And the pertronix coil that a ballast resister is not. Web pertronix ignitor wiring diagram from

Web I Think You Are Confused.

Work your way from the key to the distributor, then. Web the pertronix unit needs a 12 volt power source. Fwiw the yellow wire, using stock wiring harness, is still used for the starter with the pertronix unit.

Web Wiring Diagram Ignitor System Without Ballast Resistor To R= Dist.

Web pertronix ignitor wiring diagram from If the ground wire is missing, one needs to be installed and attached from the point breaker plate to the distributor housing. Web for ultra flexible silicone wire, use pertronix wire extension kit pn# 2005;

I Spent Some Time Researching And Drawing Up My Own Wiring Diagram To Help.

See figure a” for wiring diagram. Using stock 1968 318 mopar non electronic distributor with the standard pertronix points conversion. Web pertronix electronic ignition (ignitor kit etc).

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If the aaw kit has the same. The coil power wire is resistor wire. Attach positive (red) lead of your voltmeter to.

Attach An 18 Or 20 Awg Jumper Wire From The Negative Coil Terminal To An Engine Ground.

This shows the proper hookup for a pertronix igniter in a car wired for. 91181 pertronix 91181 ignitor® ii delco 8 cyl electronic ignition. A resistor 'f'ire or ballast resistor may or m,,\y.